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How To Upgrade Home Windows Without Replacing Them

Did you know that Energy.Gov states that 30% of a home’s heating and cooling costs can be lost through windows that are not energy efficient? With home fuel costs going through the roof, you may be considering the purchase of energy-efficient replacement windows. However, before you spend thousands of dollars, there is a way to upgrade home windows without replacing them.

When your goal is to improve energy efficiency, retrofitting energy-saving window film to your existing windows provides an affordable alternative to window replacement. Home window films can help windows that are otherwise in good shape, but just not as energy efficient as you would like. If you windows are damaged or deteriorating, they will need to be replaced.

Assuming that window film is a viable option, the cost for quick, professional installation of energy saving window film is about 1/5th the cost of replacement windows!

More Ways Residential Films Upgrade Home Windows

  • How To Upgrade Home Windows Without Replacing Them 2Energy-saving window film can also lower your home’s cooling costs.
  • Specific Low-E window film can help retain heat in the cooler months.
  • Home window film helps reduce house energy consumption, which saves money and also helps the environment.
  • Retrofitting window film is much less disruptive than window replacement and is better for the environment than the landfill impact of removal of the existing units.

Choosing a home window film to upgrade your windows without replacing them saves all the way around.

You can find out more information about home window films by clicking HERE

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